Deep Voice Mastery

It is human nature to want to find a mate. Any man would want to draw any woman he wants to him, and one way of doing this is to have a deep and sexy voice. So, how to make your voice deeper? Do you really have to take a variety of hormone pills and other drugs in order to do this? Or is there an easier way?

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The larynx or the voice box is responsible for producing your voice. Remember that this organ is also a muscle. The tenser the muscle, the higher-pitched the voice is. Exercises that can strengthen the muscles of your neck will address the problem of the neck muscles being too weak that they cannot support the neck itself.

The first exercise is done by placing either of your hands on your forehead and letting your head bend forward with your chin moving towards your chest. Your hand should provide resistance by pushing your head backward. Maintain this position for about two seconds before returning to the starting position. The second exercise is done by placing your left hand on the back of your head and moving your head towards your left should while your hand is providing resistance. Repeat this exercise with the right hand. The third exercise is done by placing your hand on the back of your head and tilting your head backward with your chin pointing upwards, while your hand is pushing forward.

These exercises are not only good for reducing tension; they also help to make your voice deep. Do at least three repetitions of each exercise as part of your regular strength training workouts.

Keep in mind that in order to sustain the deep sounding voice that will result from these exercises, you need to be consistent and determined. Besides, you can’t master anything that you didn’t work hard at.

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